Mr. Anthony Zamore

Mr. Anthony Zamore is a Senior Manager with PwC Trinidad with over 12 years professional services experience. Anthony has worked with clients across various industries including financial services such as credit unions, manufacturing, energy and telecommunications and has led various cybersecurity, forensic technology, IT auditing, external auditing and consulting projects.

Cyber Security Experience

Anthony has led numerous vulnerability assessment, threat modeling and penetration test engagements. His experience includes:

  •        Conducting IT Risk Assessments
  •        Developing threat modeling simulations for leading financial institutions and manufacturing companies.
  •        Performing penetration tests and vulnerability assessments for companies across several industries including manufacturing, financial services and energy.
  •        Performing penetration tests of SCADA systems.
  •        Conducting social engineering simulations.
  •        Responding to security breaches and performing analysis of computer memory using the volatility framework.
  •        Performing IT Security audits and vulnerability assessments.

Forensic Technology Experience

In addition to his cyber security experience Anthony has led a number of forensic technology engagements which include:

  •        Lead Forensic Technology Manager on a number of investigations including investigations conducted on behalf of the Office of the Attorney General, Ministry of Finance, and Boards of Directors for local state enterprises.
  •        Electronic evidence collection using various technologies including FM, EnCase, Logicube and Cellebrite.
  •        Forensic imaging of various devices including laptops, mobile phones, iOS devices, MS Exchange Servers.
  •        eDiscovery experience using Relativity.