Memo of Presenters 2018

Anti-Money Laundering
Crypto currencies and Regulation
Cherise Wiltshire – Compliance Officer Bitt Technologies
Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney
Tara Frater Partner – Lex Caribbean; President STEP (Barbados)
Smith v Selby – A case Study
Dr the Honourable Justice Olson Alleyne – High Court Judge (Barbados)
Business continuity and disaster recovery
Banking cyber security and liability for breach
Anthony Zamore – PWC Trinidad
Recovery from cyber security breaches and other disasters and business continuity
Kofi Boxill, – Partner Advisory – PWC Trinidad
Constitutional law
20th century Constitutions and 21st century Rights, Governance and Accountability
“Enhancing the Criminal Justice System – the need for Legislative, systemic and cultural changes”
For your own good” – Legislative changes to curtail criminal activity and the effect on constitutional rights and freedoms
The Honorable Mr. Justice Randall J Worrell – Judge of the High Court (TBC)
Community/international law
CSME and the movement of CARICOM nationals within the Community
Developments in Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences legislation and the conduct of those cases.
ADR in home construction Disputes: to arbitrate or mediate?
Shan Greer – Past President CIarb Caribbean Chapter.
Social media and the employment contract
Jefferson Cumberbatch – Senior Lecturer Faculty of Law University of the West Indies Cave Hill
Anthony Walcott – Former Executive Director of the Barbados Employers Confederation
Social media and Professional Misconduct
Justine Collins – Attorney-at-Law Hart Muirhead Fatta (Jamaica)
Sub judicae – can we talk?
Administration of Justice
Swift and Sure Justice – The role of technology (Apex membership and the CURIA platform)
The Role of the Lawyer in justice delivery